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Technical Components of eCommerce


Reference: Vandelay Design

Many businesses desire to sell their products online. Fortunately, there is a plethora of very customizable shopping carts available that can be integrated into our existing websites.

Here are a couple of options:


Create an index page for the e-commerce website you are going to design.   This page must have the standard navigation and use very good UI and UX principles.  Make sure you have a navigation button for purchases.  The other navigation buttons do not have to work.  Sign up for one of the shopping carts above, but don’t pay for anything – just use it in testing mode.
Here are your requirements:

  • Your store must be selling one of the following:  You must have at least 10 items for sale on your e-commerce website
    1. kittens and puppies
    2. tools (hammers, wrenches, etc.)
    3. artwork
  • Create 3 Style Tiles for your new website and choose one to use as your Style Guide.
  • Make sure your design matches the items you are selling (i.e. your tool selling store should probably not be fluffy and pink).

Read this article for some design ideas: Vandelay Design.

Upload your Business Website to the class server via Filezilla