Final Projects

The Final Projects for the Web Development provide you with opportunity to showcase all of the many skills and talents that you have acquired and developed over the course of the past year. Take these projects very seriously as they are a direct reflection of you, your work-ethic, and your abilities. To get started:

  1. Ensure that you have completed all previously assigned projects, pre-tests, and tests.
  2. Complete ALL of the projects below.
  3. Your grade on the following three project assignments will be based on your first submission.  Your customer would expect you to get it correct the first time.

Final Project #1

You are to finalize the website for your Freelance Web Design business.
The following is required on the website:

  • Custom Logo
  • Company Name
  • Company Domain Name and Hosting (recommended not required)
  • Home Page
  • Portfolio Page that showcases websites, graphics, videos, animations, or photos that you have created in class or for freelance clients. Your Assignment web page should be removed at this time from your business website
  • Blog (optional)
  • Contact Page with a form that sends you an email
  • Services Page with a description of all the services you offer
  • About Us Page with your bio and resume
  • Us very good UI and UX principles
  • Submit an Internet link to your website in Blackboard

Final Project #2

Assemble a marketing package about your company that has the following:

  • Your Resume
  • Business card
  • Create a two sided flyer promoting your business, use InDesign for this (submit your work in ID and PDF format)
  • Create a 24″ X 30″ poster promoting for your business (submit your work in PDF format)
  • Create a 4″ X 8 ” post card promoting your business (Submit your work in PDF format)
  • Quote sheet
  • Contract (You can use something like this)
  • Upload each item to the class web server as you have done in the past.  In Blackboard, provide an Internet link to each document.

Final Project #3

Remove the assignment page link from your Portfolio page of your Business website.  Add any items you have done in this program to your Portfolio page

Submit your final Business website in Blackboard.