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SEO Overview

Textbook ISBN: N/A

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of implementing content and structure to your website such that Search Engines (like Google and Bing) will rank your site as high as possible.There is no textbook for SEO. All the material you will use will be obtained from the Internet or material your instructor provides.

SEO Assignments

  1. Take the SEO Pre-Test in Blackboard
  2. Read the SEO Moz Beginner’s Guide
  3. Read this:  SEO Starter Guide
  4. Watch this video What is SEO
  5. Watch this video The Value of SEO
  6. Watch this video  SEO for Local Visibility
  7. Watch this video  SEO Fundamentals
  8. Watch this video SEO Link Building in Depth
  9. Watch this video SEO Keyword Search in Depth
  10. Take the SEO Final Exam in Blackboard
  11. Update your business website using good SEO techniques be sure to include the following:
    • Update the <title> and <meta> tags for each page.
    • Make sure all images have alt text associated with the images
    • Make sure you have a clear hierarchy of <h1>s, <h2>s, <h3>s, etc.
    • Upload your site to your “businesswebsite” folder and submit a link on Blackboard.

A note on SEO: Search Engine Optimization is constantly changing, so the above guide changes and may provide conflicting information. However, the fundamental rule of SEO is to provide the best content possible. Always keep this in mind as you work with your clients and coworkers.