Small Business

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Small Business Website requirements:

You have been requested to design a new website and marketing material for one of the types of businesses listed below.  Using good design techniques, UI, UX and WorkFlow Optimization you are to redesign a website for one the of the following types of businesses. You have one opportunity to submit this assignment correctly.  Your customer would expect you to the work correctly the first time.

  1. Small Retail Business
  2. Small Restaurant Business
  3. Marina or charter fishing
  4. Landscape Business
  5. Women owned Business
  6. Lawn maintenance


What is required on this business website:

  1. Index page with graphics and text about this business
  2. About page with graphics and text
  3. Contact Us form
  4. Location page
  5. Services page with graphics and text
  6. Apply good Design, UI and UX principles
  7. Create a new logo
  8. Create a 6″ x 8″ two sided postcard marketing this business
  9. Create a two sided marketing flyer for this business
  10. add additional pages as desired

What to submit for this assignment:

  1. Link to the business existing website, if they do not have an existing website state so on your assignment web page
  2. Submit your work using your Business Website