Do you have what it takes?

In order to succeed in this class, and eventually become professional Web Developers, students must complete a minimum of 25 hours of work each week.

Allowing for periodic annual school breaks (Spring, Summer and Winter) this program can be finished in approximately a year’s time.

  • Web Development Program (42 weeks/1050 hours)

Note that, although these classes are offered either as an in-class or online experience, we encourage you come into the lab as much as possible. We are open from 7am- 5:45pm.

Additional Resources for Web Developers

Coding Skills

Coding is what makes the world go ’round… and HTML basics will get you a decent start. Additionally, you will need to be proficient in jQuery / Javascript and familiar with PHP.

In addition to our in-class lectures / curriculum, here are a few additional free resources/tutorial sites for improving your coding skills: