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Straightforward Guidelines

To achieve measurable success, and to meet all the course requirements, students are expected to make continuous progress throughout the entire program. Just like working employees/contractors in a “real world” workplace, students have individual responsibilities that must be addressed.

Courses and projects are structured to follow a specifically-planned, week-by-week schedule. Due dates (deadlines) will typically fall on a Friday.

Expected of All Students:

  1. Be aware of task and project deadlines
  2. Correctly complete all tasks and projects
  3. Correctly submit assignments for evaluation
  4. Submit assignments so as to meet, or precede, project deadlines
  5. Assume responsibility for monitoring their own progress

Project Deadlines Sheet

The Project Deadlines sheet (found below) is a critically important student tool… you will refer to it often! Listed information includes: week number, courses, tutorials, reading tasks, project(s), tests. Feel free to print a hard copy for your ongoing records (recommended). You’ll be able to use it for basic daily/weekly/term planning, scheduling/time management, and of course, for tracking your personal progress. Choose, and use, the appropriate form for you program of study.

Project Deadlines - Adults

Project Deadlines (Adults) This is the list for 42 weeks which equals one year of school.  The week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday.  The last day to submit an assignment in a term is the last day of the term at 11:00 a.m. You are in charge of keeping track of your progress.

Pinellas Technical College Calendars

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